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CfPS Law School

Recognised Teaching Centre

CfPS is a Teaching Centre based in Sri Lanka, whose lecturers are well versed in the law and in teaching the law. 

CfPS Law School is committed to adopting the most advanced teaching methods and have well-equipped classrooms and library.

cfps graduation

“At CfPS, we are given the opportunity to explore the legal field by means of summer internship programmes, debating and mooting” – Ms Eranthi Abeywardena

Welcome from the Institution

A Registered Centre of the University of London, CfPS Law School is a private institution in Sri Lanka, exclusively dedicated to teaching law.

Since being recognised in 2009 we have utilised our expertise in teaching law towards the University of London LLB Degree. In 2011 we were granted permission to teach the Cert.HE In Common Law.

We have a fully – fledged campus with state-of the-art lecture halls which are geared with the latest in education material and information technology. Our eminent lecture panel consists of legal practitioners and academics.

We recommend that you check further details with the Teaching Centre before applying.

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"The lecturers guided me immensely throughout the course and the resources provided by CFPS helped me to study in a very productive manner"- Mr Kaneel Maddumage

Student testimonial

Chathuni Uduwela, cfps graduate

Ms Chathuni Uduwela

“My experience at CfPS was characterised by the strong sense of community between the students, faculty, and management of the school. This, along with uniquely flexible study scheme offered by CfPS, made for a truly enriching university experience unfettered by distance or opportunity cost.

The student body at CfPS is diverse and inclusive, and frequently engages in a wide range of co-curricular activities which permit regular interaction with the wider legal fraternity.

Backed by the world-class credentials of the University of London LLB, the calibre of teachers encountered at CfPS, and the valuable network of lawyers and academics to whom we were introduced, my fellow alumni and I have received great impetus to launch our careers in law.”

Chathuni Uduwela was the first-ever recipient of the Sir Ivor Jennings Scholarship awarded by CfPS Law School. Concurrent to her University of London LLB, Chathuni read for a Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Colombo, which she completed in 2015. A teacher of Speech and Drama and a former television news caster, Chathuni is now pursuing a career in securities regulation.

Graduation date: 2014