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Denning Law School

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At Denning Law School, the primary focus is to support students in completing the LLB and aiming for exceptional grades, within the due time period and with proper understanding of key concepts. We focus on providing students with training sessions on various legal skills modules related to Pakistani law through the Denning Centre for Professional Training which will assist the students in excelling in their legal career after graduation. We concentrate on  students at Denning Law School being provided with internships and job placements at leading law firms in Pakistan through Denning Law School’s wide ranging alumni network.

Students from Denning Law School
Study with Denning Law School, graduate with the University of London

Welcome statement

We are delighted that you are considering to pursue legal education and join the prestigious legal fraternity. The first step towards realising your goal is to choose a platform to complete your legal education and training. This decision of which platform you choose will have a profound effect on your life. At Denning, you will experience the power of legal education by learning to think like a lawyer. This means that you learn to write precisely, analyse rigorously, advocate persuasively, and uphold the highest standards of professional conduct. The focus shall not only be towards securing good grades in your exams, but also towards developing legal skills and traits required by top law firms in Pakistan. 

In the past years, DLS has mentored, tutored and assisted approximately 400 students in achieving their goals and aspirations. We are extremely excited about the future of DLS and deeply committed to the future success of all of its students.

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Recognised programmes

We recommend that you check further details with the Teaching Centre before applying.

Moot competition
Gain various legal skills from our training sessions.

Student Testimonial

Student from Denning Law School

Usman Siddiqui

Summing up LLB, I would like to say that my teachers made me feel confident in this journey. Rather than complicating this strenuous degree, they made it fairly easy with making us understand the law inside out. DLS created a positive study environment and gives me the confidence where I do not hesitate in asking questions. Addressing to every student individually and catering to their learning ability, the teachers here are just exceptional. Their scheduled manner of teaching helps students gain self-assurance in overcoming their anxiety close to the exams.

Graduation date: 2019