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Forward College - Lisbon

Recognised Teaching Centre

Forward College is a Higher Education Institution designed for bright undergraduate students who wish to go beyond academic excellence.

Our students combine a Bachelor’s degree from the LSE or King’s College London with a fully international experience (3 years in 3 countries), real-life projects, and a personal development programme which will bolster their future professional life.

Students benefit from a personalised learning experience with small group teaching and one-on-one tutoring delivered by a world-class faculty. Forward Faculty applies an active learning approach. Having been largely validated by science, this approach aims to grow students’ autonomy. Forward’s classes (seminars and workshops) are not designed to deliver content but to help students answer difficult questions, solve problems in teams, debate or simulate real-life situations after they have explored the course material – individually and in teams.

Degree subjects on offer include: Economics and Politics, Psychology, Politics and International Relations, Data Science and Business Analytics, and Politics.

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The program at Forward College is spread across three countries in three years: Portugal, France and Germany.

Welcome from the founder

The world is facing major changes: environmental, with our planet at risk; technological, with AI challenging our jobs and the place of humans in the workplace; societal, with rising inequalities and wavering democracies. We are at a crossroads. Furthermore, it seems that the world will be changing faster and faster, from the way we connect to the way we engage with each other and the way we work.

In order to tackle such important challenges, we need to arm the next generation with new skills, new knowledge, and a new mindset, empowering them so they can shape these transitions in a positive way. Never before have our challenges required so much positive leadership.

This is why Forward College has as one of its core ambitions the aim to train positive leaders who will be able to identify shared purposes and engage people across all fields of expertise, organisations, cultures and social barriers.

Boris Walbaum
Founder and CEO

Our students

Bogna Frykowska - BSc in Psychology

Bogna Frykowska

"In such changing times, it’s important to be prepared for a change in both private and professional life. I feel like traditional academic-style education doesn’t prepare us for such challenges. Forward College focuses on relevant skills and offers personal development resources and those were the main factors that I considered when applying. Learning these during my studies would be a big advantage when applying for jobs after graduation and I believe would help me reach my potential in various fields."

Bogna is from Poland and is a student from our founding class. She is enrolled in the BSc in Psychology, with academic direction from King’s College, University of London. She has a wide range of interests that she pursues energetically, including medicine, psychology and astronomy.

Yohana Fontenla is a Bachelor’s in Economics and Politics, and Business and Leadership

Yohana Fontenla

Yohana is currently studying a double Bachelor’s in Economics and Politics, and Business and Leadership.

“I decided to join Forward College for its personalised approach to teaching and the variety of fields of study I could focus on. At Forward, I knew I wouldn’t be treated just as a number and would be given the opportunity to craft my bachelor's based on my own interests.

Working on topics I am passionate about is how I feel I can make an impact in the world. Currently, I’m a Climate Pact Ambassador for the European Commission, which means I am able to attend global events and also collaborated with non-profit organisations like UNICEF. I am also passionate about law, arts, philosophy and volunteering.”