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Help Academy - Affiliate Centre - Malaysia
HELP Academy is an Affiliate Centre in Malaysia.

Welcome from the institution

It is a great pleasure to introduce HELP Academy in Malaysia, one of the distinguished providers of the University of London International Programmes. HELP Academy has been running the University of London International Programmes since 1986.

Over the many years of delivering these programmes, HELP Academy has nurtured and produced more than 1,600 graduates, many of whom with First Class Honours and in the year 2016, a remarkable 11 Firsts! Many others have also won scholarships and distinguished awards.

The strengths of the University of London degrees offered at HELP Academy have also enabled HELP scholars to obtain grants to further and complete their studies in some top universities in the US and the UK.

Students are supported by a team of academics and administrators. Many academics have years of teaching experiences in the University of London EMFSS Programmes. They are highly professional, dedicated, and supportive. Academics also provide consultation and counselling services to students when needs arise.

To enhance learning experiences throughout the course of their study at HELP Academy, students are strongly encouraged to actively and openly engage and interact with lecturers, fellow students and administrative staff. Apart from academic pursuits, students may also participate in extracurricular activities aimed at developing and cultivating leadership, communication, organizational skills.

HELP Academy welcomes all students who wish to take up the University of London degrees in Malaysia. Let us be partners in turning your academic pursuit into a meaningful and memorable one.

We recommend that you check further details with the Teaching Centre before applying.


Student testimonial

Dr Chew Seen Meng

Dr Chew Seen Meng - Economics

“I received a full scholarship from HELP to undertake the Diploma in Economics programme administered by the University of London. The experience at HELP as a student made me understand the value of hard work and appreciate the rewards that come with it.

I studied very hard during my first year at HELP so that I could win one of the few coveted scholarships to continue my studies in the UK. Winning the scholarship eventually was a dream come true!”

After completing his University of London Diploma in Malaysia, Chew Seen Meng received a scholarship from LSE to continue his degree on-campus in London. He then undertook postgraduate study at the Universities of Cambridge and Chicago, and currently works at JP Morgan as Vice President (Singapore).