Final certificates

The Diploma Production Office can advise on how  you can get a replacement certificate of your University of London award.

Graduation documents are despatched approximately six months after the date of award. 

Requesting a replacement degree certificate

The Diploma Production Office can advise on how to obtain a replacement certificate of your University of London award. 

Before making contact, please read the following advice:

Several of the University of London Colleges have issued their own award certificates for the last few years.  If you received a certificate in the past decade directly from your college, you can only receive a replacement certificate from your college. We can only replace certificates issued by the University of London.

This is the process for obtaining documents:

You can contact us by email, include the following information:

  • Full name (at time of graduation)
  • College attended or indicate if you were studying under the University of London distance learning
  • Date of award
  • Full Title and subject of qualification 
  • Qualification level and classification
  • Date of birth.

After checking this information, the Diploma Production Office will either send you some forms to complete or they will advise you to contact the College you attended.

Contact details for the Diploma Production Office are provided below.

Diploma Production Office
University of London (Worldwide)
Stewart House
32 Russell Square

Tel +44 (0) 207 862 8303

Email is the best way to contact us, so we have a record of your contact and information.