Career Planning Resources for Schools and Colleges

This page contains two key careers resources for schools and colleges:

  • Career help toolkit - our list of helpful websites and suggestions for different career needs
  • Mini-course in career decision-making - six workbooks to gain the skills, confidence and motivation to make great choices. For years 11-13 and post-16 students at college.

These resources are provided for free to support learners, teachers and career leaders. We hope you find them useful.

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Career help toolkit

This toolkit is our list of suggested websites, resources and ideas to help with career planning and making choices. These have been organised into sections based on what stage of the process they help with.

Everything that's listed is free for anyone to access and the content has been put together by a professional careers consultant.

We hope you find it helpful!

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About the mini-course in career decision-making

For pupils in year 11-13 and post-16 students at college

What is the mini-course?

The course gives you the skills, motivation and confidence to make great choices about your future. It's made up of six workbooks. Each one takes about 30 - 45 minutes to do, using a step by step process with lots of quizzes and interactive exercises.

Do I have to do all of it?

To get the full benefit, we recommend doing the workbooks in order. If you do, give yourself some time to think and reflect between each workbook. Alternatively, read the description for each workbook and do the one that sounds the most useful right now.

For teachers and career leaders

We hope that this course provides useful content that you could use or adapt to support your careers programme in your school or college. For an overview of the content, aims and outcomes together with ideas for how you could use and enhance the course in your work, download the Guide for Teachers and Career Leaders. You might also like to download a certificate of completion (editable Word file) to reward learners who complete the course.

Mini-course in career decision-making

Explore the six workbooks that make up the mini-course using the arrows in the visual guide below.

The workbooks are available in PDF or Word formats - both have editable sections where you can write as you're doing the exercises, so there's no need to print them off. Use whichever version works best for you - the content is identical. 

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Possible selves

We start by thinking about who you might become. This process can help your motivation, and teach you about what matters to you. We look at the ‘you’ that you hope to become, the ‘you’ that you expect to become and the ‘you’ that you don't want to be.

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Decision making myths

Most people believe in some of the myths about career decision-making. These myths can have a big impact on how we feel and whether we make decisions that we're pleased with in the future. Explore the myths getting in the way of your decision-making in our second workbook.

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What stage are you at?

There's a process to making decisions for your career and future. Understanding the stages and which one you're at makes decision-making feel more do-able. Learn where you are and which sections of the career help toolkit are most useful to you now in our third workbook.

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Decision making styles

We all form a personal set of decision-making habits. These habits may or may not be helpful when it comes to career decision-making. Analyse your habits and decide what you want to change in our fourth workbook.

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Obstacles to decision making

Sometimes we just feel 'stuck' when trying to make a decision for our future. Knowing what any obstacles are can make it easier to learn about them and find a way to overcome them. Identify any obstacles and get suggestions to overcome them in our fifth workbook.

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Goal setting and action planning

Deciding on what you want to achieve (goal setting) is helpful. And deciding to do stuff about it (action planning) is vital! Create goals that are SMART and 'well-formed', and great action plans in our final workbook.

Mini-course workbooks in PDF and Word formats (both designed for on-screen completion)

Workbook 1 - Possible selves - PDF PDF 235.35 KB
Workbook 1 - Possible selves - Word DOCX 168.26 KB
Workbook 2 - Decision making myths - PDF PDF 744.52 KB
Workbook 2 - Decision making myths - Word DOCX 305.73 KB
Workbook 3 - What stage am I at? - PDF PDF 322.55 KB
Workbook 3 - What stage am I at? - Word DOCX 162.89 KB
Workbook 4 - Decision making styles - PDF PDF 294.01 KB
Workbook 4 - Decision making styles - Word DOCX 59.73 KB
Workbook 5 - Overcoming obstacles - PDF PDF 467.34 KB
Workbook 5 - Overcoming obstacles - Word DOCX 141.3 KB
Workbook 6 - Goal setting and action planning - PDF PDF 221.84 KB
Workbook 6 - Goal setting and action planning - Word DOCX 57.13 KB