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Universidad del Pacifico, lecture room
"I knew that studying at the University of London, which is so well-ranked worldwide, would help me get jobs in big companies." - B. Mazzini

Welcome from the Centre

UP is a private, non-profit institution specialising in the areas of economics and business administration. We offer bachelor’s degrees in: Accounting, Business Administration, Business Engineering, Economics, Law, Marketing, and International Business, Information Engineering and Finance. We are the first Peruvian University accredited by AACSB in our undergraduate and graduate levels.

UP currently has just under 4000 undergraduate students and approximately 2200 postgraduate students. UP began to teach the University of London International Programmes in 2015, offering support for BSc in Business and Management, Accounting and Finance, Economics and Economics and Finance.

In the past three decades, UP has been ranked as the most prestigious higher education institution in its fields of specialization in Peru, and among the leading institutions of its kind in the Latin American region.

We recommend that you check further details with the Teaching Centre before applying.

Student testimonial

Andrea Torres Gavidea

Andrea Torres Gavidea

“I chose the double degree program because I realized that it was an opportunity I could not waste. I feel that being in the double degree program and pursuing studies at the University of London generates more opportunities and creates an added value for me with respect to students of other universities.”

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A graduation ceremony at the Universidad del Pacifico, Peru (Affiliate Centre)

"You have the contents as well as the training of an economist from the University of London." - A.M. Guerrero